Thursday, August 11, 2011

Mom - Trip to Tillamook and pick up Samshel in Aug 11

Hey!  Mom made to Tillamook to pick up Samshel for a visit!

Mike was in the middle of a "reconstruct" and will be for a long time!  Great use of his years in the trades.

Putting a bay window in Samshel's room....  currently open to "breeze"!

From the outside....

We are having closure!

The master at work.

It's all in the angle.

Now we have a window, and  I'm sure Samshel appreciated it!

Wyatt, having a ball... sorry, had to....

Samshel not to be outdone.

... And getting a kick out of it....  sigh....

From the outside for now...

Looks like you're doing great Mike!!!  Keep it up!  Be by soon for another visit!   Dad