Tuesday, October 27, 2009

RubyII - Clearview +3" wider windshield / Fairing!!!!

Pics are from top to bottom, click on a pic for a larger pic, text for a pic is under the pic.

OK, when I got my sweet (again!!) Ruby, it had been pretty badly trashed, and the windshield was part of it.

It had scratches and a film all over it and when the sun shined on it, it became opaque and there was nothing I could do about it... but replace it...

I read a post on VROC, and other than ALR and PGR, my home away from home..... I seem to have a lot of them???!!! GBG (VROC, Vulcan Riders and Owners Club, I ride a Kaw)

About the post.... Clearview Windshields, they are a tad thicker, 3/16 -vs- 1/8, don't make me do the math! GBG Well, they say they are 1" wider and have a recursive lip on top, it curls up and shoots the air stream a bit higher.

Well, I got to thinking... this normally where my problems begin, sigh... So I emailed and called the Clearview folks, real fine folks and will work with you! Their shield was .... later in the post...

I asked him... I want it 3" wider! I measured my front end and thought that would take the shield out to my hand guards, and life would be MUCH better in colder weather!

So I ordered the stock 19" high as the height of my stock shield was fine and 3" wider.

The guy I worked with, He lives and works about 8500 feet up the hill outside Denver:

John Lauk

Clearview Shields

OK, I wanted a comparison.. Here is the old shield.. if you look, there is a gap between the shield and my hand guards, enough the air peals back and focuses on my hands, the guards will stop rocks, rain, and big bugs... not air.. in the cold, not nice.

A better pic of the left side...

Right side...

You can see how bad that shield is.. shine some bright sun or headlights and it goes brilliant glow and not nice.

Here is my new shield!!! Can you see me now!!!!

The old shield on top of the new one... folks putting that new one in the brackets was one HUGE PITA!!!! They wanted me to put a rubber insulator in the center of the plastic... Now you think about it... sheets of steel above and below, threading screws and the only way to get the inserts in was bare plastic, they would NOT fit thru any metal brackets!!! PITA ALERT!!!! Got 'er done!!!!!! My back was killing me!!!

Right side overlap....

..guess... GBG

Well, now what do we have here!!!??? Lookin' fine and as you can see, the shield overlaps my hand guards. These are like most of 'um, an angle bracket that fastens to the bottom of the brake / clutch pivot, and some formed plastic, these were for a Valk, but they are pretty much alike...

Actually the shield tho' measuring a bit less than the old one was a tad taller... The recursive lip goes straight up -vs- continuing back, kinda surprised me.

Right side overlap....

Left side... it's close, but I'll bet the overshoot will be OK, and if not, I can tweak the guard bracket a bit...

I can see CLEARLY now... I guess it's time for the rain to fall.. GBG

I didn't waste ANY time in getting the first mark so I wouldn't have to worry about it... sigh...#$&!#)*%!#)_*%!_*

The shield held it's own... drew some blood...

Done right???!!! Oh, pshaw... went to put on my Edmund's lowers.... clunk... it went out further and the dreaded interference... #*%!#_)*%!#)

OK, I've cut shields 3 times, and my lowers once, its real easy, get a good jigsaw, a 21 - 24T metal blade, new or in good condition, and it will go thru the plastic like a hot knife thru butter...

Got out the wife's French Curve and plotted a line, after I coated the lower with blue painters tape, so it wouldn't leave glue residue, and marked it off... CLUNK! ... round 2, cut 2... it's easy going shorter.... it worked!

So I turned it over on top of the other one, with tape already on, drew the line and rip!

Clean, sandpaper and done!!!!

As you can see..... I cut 'er a tad close....

Went to my ALR meeting tonight, winds close to 40 mph, and got the hell blown out of me!!! GBG 40 mph wind into a 70 mph scoot will get blown around!!! Did with my old shield too!! Seriously, it was fine, I kept a tight grip in the high winds, fearing a "sail" effect and it did not happen... The ride was fine and I think I've got a winner! Thanks John!

Hey!!! I like it!!! Between my shield / FAIRING, and lowers and chaps... I got a much better ride.. Did I say "I can see clearly now!!!" GBG