Saturday, August 18, 2012

Portland Loop and down the Coast

Portland Loop

Click on Portland Loop link to see route map.....

Well Sherm posted a nice route down thru Alturas and it looked nice so I think I'll take it back up to Portland. Rt 31 has a nice lonely look to it and he had some fine pics...  Don't remember being in this part of Or...  but then every day is new!  GBG

Have to be in Portland for a Military ball...  oldest son is in the Army and headed for the sandbox..  back next July.  Could've flown, but can't imagine any one of us that would choose that path during summer on left coast!  On the Road again, just can't wait to get on the road again...  sing it Willy!

Allowed for a stop in Tillamook in case Mike needs some help catching up with some prep for travel, but if he's all caught up, I'll just leave him and family alone and meander down the coast.

I've heard Sept is the time to head down the coast weather wise..  I've frozen my buns off in June and July, just once, would like a nice weather trip.   It's a bit early, but the schedule was too close to not take the trip...  we'll see....