Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving 10 at KC s

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Thanksgiving '10! The whole family couldn't get together this year, Mike couldn't make it, and probably a good thing as the weather would've caused him a huge pain if driving. Yup, we got a snow job again, sigh, but Thanksgiving was great!!! And the snow... an "adventure", Amy kept saying snow - snow - snow! It was nice, just a pain.

Trip up was uneventful, all was clear.

After our normal stop at Rocky's at Flag City, at the 12 / 5 interchange about 12 miles north of Stockton, we stopped at the first rest stop heading up the hill. So it's been snowing! Great! Got that out of the mountains system... har...

Who Dog trying to figure out this stuff....

It didn't slow him down, out and around he went.

So we made an effort to check in and the line was crazy! The said we could do it later as we were paid up ahead of time, out to KC's. They had been busy and meal soon to be had!

Just a hackin' and hewin'! KC did a fine job!

We got food!

Mom getting ready for supper.

My modest plate.. for someone that has not eaten supper for years... yup, the week end cost me 2 pounds, sigh...

Kristi is ready.

The family - minus Mike's family and the photog.. GBG

All good meals are followed by... yeah... Forgot to say.. I took my Fingernail shirt up! Forgot to get a pic, but my record is in tact!!!

For the fortunate that have not seen it, this is my fingernail shirt! It is spiraling changing size 1/2 moons that I call fingernails. The shirt is around 40 years old so that dates it back to around '70. Back when folks were "psychedelic"! GBG

The left overs, and they were appreciated much!

Friday we walked around and hit some shops... had to take this pic for ol' time sake. First saw it over 45 years ago... Then I had my shot at KC's not performing too well laptop. I spent about 5 hours on it... I now runs nice, except for one bug and I'll fix that one the next time we meet. Gonna add more memory and he'll be GTG! Good To Go!

KC put up some lights on the sill. Well, Amy and Who Dog stayed at KC's and so on Sat we went out and everyone went to our local good restaurant The Lakes for breakfast, and they serve a lot!. Picked up everything and hit the road...

Then put the cables on, sigh.. We knew it was coming. Made it past Truckee before we did it but it was necessary, it got real bad. Matter of fact it was snow over ice and the cables were spinning and slipping a bit. But we made it and got in line with the rest and took 2 extra hours going a few miles, but got 'er done! Glad Amy was along to help with the cables!

Who Dog was having a great time and was talking to us most of the way over the mountain!

Snow - Snow - Snow as Amy would say! She likes it. Later we got battered with rain storms. She said she was one lucky girl!!!

Gee weren't we "fortunate" to get to see the second storm of the season!!! Sigh...

It was really coming down! I saw more than a few that thought the cables / chains made them in control, that wasn't! And off they went!

I have a 5 meg video shot of the snow if anyone is curious... at the bottom, just snow- snow- snow!!

Some pretty clouds around Altamont Pass.

This is a close up of the cloud on fire on the right of the above!

So on home, clean up our mess, get a good nights sleep, and boy I needed it!!! So what is next?

Jingle Bells!!! Jingle Bells!!! GBG Amy put up her nice little tree! Nice touch! Well, that's all for now kids! GBG Great weekend for me and hope all of you really enjoyed the
same!!!! Dad

Below is a 5 Meg video file of "Snow - Snow - Snow" As Amy would say! Turn off the sound, all you will hear is the rumble of the cables....

Friday, November 19, 2010

Old Farts PTA Monterey Road House '10

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Been a while since I took a shot of the local PTA group! Been too long... lets go back a waze....

Back in 02, sigh Damn I miss that place! You ol' farts have gotten older!!! GBG + sigh.. If you look at Steve's and my eyes, Paul saw it too... a lady at the bar was flashing us to get us to smile... it worked!!!

Another shot...

Out front....

On to the new....

New guy, Paul

Jim Bents, Frank King on the right....


Paul Chamberlain, remember back in the late 80s you got these VM messages, VM is going down in 20 minutes!!!! Yup, Paul sent 'um!!! The only IBM employee left! Jim Odell on my right, he got bashful after the flash went off.....

Another new member, Eric, friend of George's, who knew his father.

Steve Domnauer, hot on the topic, golf of course, with Eric or Paul.....

George Hall watching...

Ted Werman about to take a sip...

Bashful Jim Odell..

Another shot of Teddy...

We are blessed with two gorgeous bartenderess, Julie is one. Best estimate is 6'1" on bare feet... and they reach all the way down... And she loves to give hugggs... Of course, I'd never do anything of the sort.... GBG

This is Denise and Julie behind the bar. Denice is the other 'tendress, and a gorgeous lady! She's Italian and a very vibrant and outgoing lady! I tried to get her to pose with my vest but she was too busy, sigh...

OK, got lucky.... with the camera.... sigh I needed another shot of them....

Ok, I just came in from a fallen Korean Veteran Mission and had my vest and camera, ergo the reason for the pics....

I've been wanting to take some pics of the Ol' Farts group for a while and wanted to get a pic of our local great ladies with us and my vest. So I only got one to pose, the other was busy, sorry you all missed Denise!

I think she would look "good" in our group! ..And she rides a 1800 Suzuki.....

OK, I think we could get some new members!!! GBG Great time, every Friday nite... now why do I love Friday nites..?????

Oh, the work weak is over!!! WHHAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Vets - ACBSM Free Lunch at Fremont Veteran's Hall

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Year two of the Alameda County Blue Star Moms serving Vets a free lunch. Now, can I pass up a free lunch? Don't ask me, I failed! GBG

Nice day for a ride, just missed a rain cell, just a few drops. Only 30 miles and nice ride.

Get to the Veterans Hall in Fremont....

Here I win a prize for something, I wasn't listening until I heard Cranky....

I sniff a setup, when I came in I asked how I can spend some money here, they said but drawing tickets, so I got $10 worth and they explained what to do...

I looked at the prizes and told 'um, I don't want to win anything, here's your tickets, I just wanted to make a donation. That's why I sniff a setup, but I'll take it!

Won some popcorn boxes, 2 DVD set for Wings of Glory that I'll watch and a hot glove in case the popcorn gets too hot!

Turned around and saw old friends, Doug, Dianne and Beverly B. Some day I have to get a good camera instead of $50 "deals" so I can get good shots, sorry folks...

OK, it's a VROC - Vulcan Riders and Owners Club, I ride a Vulcan, taking pics of food. They are widely known for "ride to eat". As you might notice... I was a tad late, but you can see from the marks on the plate, 1/2 was meat loaf and 1/2 was green beans!

Nice meal, topped off with apple cobbler, 'neller ice cream and cup of coffee. Great meal and I thank the ACBSM for doing this!!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Ruby - Hot Grips Heated Scoot Grips

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OK... A common problem... for us "skinny" folks, there are minuses... sigh. The common complaint I've heard is "I'm always COLD"!!!, Well, it is true. No insulation and, well, cold hurts.

Last winter, I had problems on my cranky machine rides, I'd get cold, and the hands would litterally loose circulation , I'd come home and the fingers were all white and barely working, had to run warm water over 'um for about 10 minutes to get any color back. Now I don't think that is a very good idea in the long run, sigh. They also suffer on cool scoot rides. I have been known to wrap my hands around the rear cylinder for a while to warm my gloves and liners up, but need a better fix!

Time for some Hot Grips!!! heated grips!!! Lookin' for a hot ride on a cold am!

So here's the Skie-Matic... Pretty simple, eh? Nothin' ever is, wire routing, space, connectors, etc... PF is pink female, BF is blue female, different sizes for multiple wires, midair splice to take 2 into on so the next junction wouldn't have 3 wires, just plottin' it out. The PF ^ (close as I can come) is a right angle pink female in the handlebar switch housing for space reasons... had to make sure only 1 wire went there for connector reasons... Opted to not do the Radio Shack lite on the bottom of the switch.

When I do the wiring, I think it will be simple as the relay, power and risister are in the same local and should make things easier...

So I have the hot hand grips, handle bar switch, hi temp Epoxy, wire, connectors, shrink tubing, fuse and rubber corks...? What??????????!!!!!!!!!!!

I ordered open ended grips as I knew I had to "fix" the end chrome pieca crap and need a way in... So what is that old saying? Stuff a cork in it? Yup, I'll cut it to length, hog the middle out to thread it onto the bar end threads, and nobody's the wiser! GBG

The grips are very firm, I have the throttle rocker on the right and my hand stays up on the left for the Stebel horn button... I think it will be fine, if not I can "improvise"... some more! On with the journey!!! A good fill with chalk would do a fine job too!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Mike visit after Yakima, Wa VROC Rally

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After my Yakima, Wa run, I stopped by my oldest sons place. He bought a bank owned and got it on the cheap, but it needs work. He spent 10 years in the trades and is very capable of taking care of business!

My Yakima trip:

Now did you know that if your drain for the washer is not up high, like it is in your place, the water will just run out, Mike learned it and ... fixed it.. while the laundry room is in work progress...

This is... was an open car port... the last opening was the garage door, Mike and I put it up in about 4 beers... GBG

Hey it works!

Ok, he still has a bit of work to do in the rain country...

Now here he is smiling about the pull down... he had his 7 year old daughter open the door, but couldn't close it... fixed! She can open it easily, it takes about 5 lbs of force to move it and it is balanced perfectly.... neither of us can figure out why it came out this good... but it's perfect! I'll take luck over skill any day!

This was the garage door, we took all the hardware from here and moved it over.

Mike's dog Rex, great dog!

Before I woke up Tues, this wall was covered.. now it has faucets and water for the washer, connect the drain, cover the walls and done! AND it did NOT leak!

They can use plastic up there, and it's a breeze! I won't say I could do it, as I'm cursed with water...

The power panel, .... work in progress...

Had to get a couple pics... Samshel

And Wyatt. He's getting so big! Enjoy... soon they'll be 31 years old! It DOES happen!

It was great fun working with Mike and spending the time. I was worried I'd be wasting his time by being there and keeping him from getting things done...

By golly, we got a lot of things done and I had a GREAT time!!! Thanks!!! The best visit I could've imagined! Thanks! Dad