Saturday, November 6, 2010

Vets - ACBSM Free Lunch at Fremont Veteran's Hall

Pics are from top to bottom, click on a pic for a larger pic - then again, text for a pic are under the pic.

Year two of the Alameda County Blue Star Moms serving Vets a free lunch. Now, can I pass up a free lunch? Don't ask me, I failed! GBG

Nice day for a ride, just missed a rain cell, just a few drops. Only 30 miles and nice ride.

Get to the Veterans Hall in Fremont....

Here I win a prize for something, I wasn't listening until I heard Cranky....

I sniff a setup, when I came in I asked how I can spend some money here, they said but drawing tickets, so I got $10 worth and they explained what to do...

I looked at the prizes and told 'um, I don't want to win anything, here's your tickets, I just wanted to make a donation. That's why I sniff a setup, but I'll take it!

Won some popcorn boxes, 2 DVD set for Wings of Glory that I'll watch and a hot glove in case the popcorn gets too hot!

Turned around and saw old friends, Doug, Dianne and Beverly B. Some day I have to get a good camera instead of $50 "deals" so I can get good shots, sorry folks...

OK, it's a VROC - Vulcan Riders and Owners Club, I ride a Vulcan, taking pics of food. They are widely known for "ride to eat". As you might notice... I was a tad late, but you can see from the marks on the plate, 1/2 was meat loaf and 1/2 was green beans!

Nice meal, topped off with apple cobbler, 'neller ice cream and cup of coffee. Great meal and I thank the ACBSM for doing this!!

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