Monday, October 8, 2012

Road Rash, from my Cranky machine!!! 

Been a long time since I dumped it, and as normal, it was stoopid....  Neighbor wanted to talk to me as I was coming back from my nice run over the Santa Teresa hills, for family - Leona across the street, so stopped and chatted.

Well, we had  a good chat and, I was parked on the sidewalk, beside the downward sloping driveway.   Started off on a right turn downward too slow, and high sided, as normal, the right foot hit too early and worked like a pole vault to pitch me out and rolling on a chip seal street...   NOT smooth, OR graceful.... sigh....  

She was trying out and walking on a walker and dufass on bike goes rolling in the street, #$%*!#$)*%!#)$*%!) geez!!!

Luckily, I rolled and didn't hurt anything but my pride... left arm followed my ....

Right knee..  and a couple other minor nicks.   That white line is where they went in and put all my loose bone pieces back in place and added a plate to hold 'um after my motorcycle wipe out almost 5 years ago...   

Sad, they discharged me with a broken left foot in a boot, shattered right knee, that they didn't know was broken, and a cane...

Went back 3 weeks later and told the doc my right knee hurt.. Xrays....  went into doc's office, big picture on the desk monitor of bone chips all over and doc just kept saying "I don't believe it"  about 3 times.   I was walking on 1/2 of a knee.....

He had a knee specialist with him, we talked  and scheduled an operation in 10 days, about 4 weeks after the accident...  In I went, nothing to eat or drink after midnite, finally get into pre-op, laying around, wife took everything - all I had was a bib....

About 1700 doc comes waltzing over and she says "you can go home now"!   Her specialty was needed because of an accident and I was low priority, and rightfully so..  

Now I'm pretty mild mannered, but THAT pushed my buttons!!!!!!

In my most bashful voice I said:

- GET THAT #*$)%)!#$*%!#*) IV OUT!!!!!!!!!!
- GET ME SOMETHING TO DRINK!!!!  -Nada since 0000
- GET ME A CAB!!!!
- GET ME THE $*)!_#$*%!#)*$ OUTTA HERE!!!!!!!!!!

IIRC, in that order....    next op visit, they did the deed, so have a chunk of metal on right side of right knee and some screws that on a Xray look like they go clear thru my leg, I actually felt to see if I could feel the tips!  Ahhhh, the memories???!!!!!  GBG