Saturday, July 24, 2010

Mike visit after Yakima, Wa VROC Rally

Pics are from top to bottom, click on a pic for a larger pic, text for a pic is under the pic.

After my Yakima, Wa run, I stopped by my oldest sons place. He bought a bank owned and got it on the cheap, but it needs work. He spent 10 years in the trades and is very capable of taking care of business!

My Yakima trip:

Now did you know that if your drain for the washer is not up high, like it is in your place, the water will just run out, Mike learned it and ... fixed it.. while the laundry room is in work progress...

This is... was an open car port... the last opening was the garage door, Mike and I put it up in about 4 beers... GBG

Hey it works!

Ok, he still has a bit of work to do in the rain country...

Now here he is smiling about the pull down... he had his 7 year old daughter open the door, but couldn't close it... fixed! She can open it easily, it takes about 5 lbs of force to move it and it is balanced perfectly.... neither of us can figure out why it came out this good... but it's perfect! I'll take luck over skill any day!

This was the garage door, we took all the hardware from here and moved it over.

Mike's dog Rex, great dog!

Before I woke up Tues, this wall was covered.. now it has faucets and water for the washer, connect the drain, cover the walls and done! AND it did NOT leak!

They can use plastic up there, and it's a breeze! I won't say I could do it, as I'm cursed with water...

The power panel, .... work in progress...

Had to get a couple pics... Samshel

And Wyatt. He's getting so big! Enjoy... soon they'll be 31 years old! It DOES happen!

It was great fun working with Mike and spending the time. I was worried I'd be wasting his time by being there and keeping him from getting things done...

By golly, we got a lot of things done and I had a GREAT time!!! Thanks!!! The best visit I could've imagined! Thanks! Dad