Sunday, September 12, 2010

Ruby - Hot Grips Heated Scoot Grips

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OK... A common problem... for us "skinny" folks, there are minuses... sigh. The common complaint I've heard is "I'm always COLD"!!!, Well, it is true. No insulation and, well, cold hurts.

Last winter, I had problems on my cranky machine rides, I'd get cold, and the hands would litterally loose circulation , I'd come home and the fingers were all white and barely working, had to run warm water over 'um for about 10 minutes to get any color back. Now I don't think that is a very good idea in the long run, sigh. They also suffer on cool scoot rides. I have been known to wrap my hands around the rear cylinder for a while to warm my gloves and liners up, but need a better fix!

Time for some Hot Grips!!! heated grips!!! Lookin' for a hot ride on a cold am!

So here's the Skie-Matic... Pretty simple, eh? Nothin' ever is, wire routing, space, connectors, etc... PF is pink female, BF is blue female, different sizes for multiple wires, midair splice to take 2 into on so the next junction wouldn't have 3 wires, just plottin' it out. The PF ^ (close as I can come) is a right angle pink female in the handlebar switch housing for space reasons... had to make sure only 1 wire went there for connector reasons... Opted to not do the Radio Shack lite on the bottom of the switch.

When I do the wiring, I think it will be simple as the relay, power and risister are in the same local and should make things easier...

So I have the hot hand grips, handle bar switch, hi temp Epoxy, wire, connectors, shrink tubing, fuse and rubber corks...? What??????????!!!!!!!!!!!

I ordered open ended grips as I knew I had to "fix" the end chrome pieca crap and need a way in... So what is that old saying? Stuff a cork in it? Yup, I'll cut it to length, hog the middle out to thread it onto the bar end threads, and nobody's the wiser! GBG

The grips are very firm, I have the throttle rocker on the right and my hand stays up on the left for the Stebel horn button... I think it will be fine, if not I can "improvise"... some more! On with the journey!!! A good fill with chalk would do a fine job too!