Thursday, August 27, 2009

Grab on Grip Covers - stock grip covers

Click on a pic for a larger pic, text for a pic is under the pic, for what it's worth the pics are from top to bottom.

OK, I like fatter softer grips than stock, and I'm cheap and lazy! That sets the stage for foam "grip covers". They feel softer, but not spongy as they are not very thick, just add a little bulk to the stock grips. They feel great!
And they are cheaper and easier to the Kury fix... The stock bars grips are 1 3/8" diameter and with the over grips they are 1 5/8".

I had them on Goldie, and they did not "transfer" very well, I tore one trying to reinstall it. I looked and could not find them at our local bike shop and went on line, most sites wanted $12.50 and $10 bucks to ship one set.. So I went web hunting and found the source....

Grab on Grips

350 E Beech Ave
Walla Walla, Wa 99362

509 529 9800

They cost $12.50 and I got 2 sets. They charged me a whole 2 bucks for shipping!

The ones I got were MC402 Grip Covers - blk - fits 1.25 - 1.45 OD stock grips and they are 5.0" long. My stock grips were 1.375".

If you look the dot that's punched out it is for the desc. I typed, they also have 4.25" long grip covers that fit 1.25 - 1.45, the ones I got, 4.25" long Grip covers fits 1.45 - 1.65 OD grips and 5.0" long grip covers fits 1.45 - 1.65 grips.

They work for heated grips also. The install says to use hair spray.. I've used foam slip on grips on my cranky machine for years... lots of water is the secret, get 'um real wet and keep 'um wet! They are not going anywhere after they dry, and that is real quick!

As you start them on, grip them with your thumb and first finger, squeeze and make a twisting and pushing motion, keep 'um wet, and they will work up and onto the stock grips.

As you can see, they cover the entire grip, from the chrome step down to the end of the handlebar... you might try the shorter ones if you like shiny stuff...I'd rather have the grip.

If you look, the normal step down from the chrome ring is gone, the grip is now level to a bit thicker than the inside ring.

Here is a stock grip, and you can see the inside grip step down...

What I like is it butts up to the chrome ring and does NOT interfere with my Vista Cruise throttle lock, and you don't have to mess with it to make it work...

Like I said, cheap and easy.. they feel great! JM2C + FWIW

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VROC #5569-r said...

Here is their web site:

I went there for a set for my bicycle and the grips cost $5.99, but they wanted $6.80 for S&H from their online ordering system.

How did you get two bucks shipping Cranky?