Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Ruby II - Clutch Spring

Last update! I had to change the clutch washer! Clutch slipping when I crank on 'er and this is at 15K miles!!! The prev owner used to run 2-up and musta worn it out...

While my wrench was in there, I also got the 3 limit springs... why not? They actually looked like springs It won't be long and my left hand will have that same Popeye look as my right hand! GBG. BOY what a different clutch grip! And Ruby's clutch is solid as a rock!

Another shot... Unbelievable! My first Ruby was over 40K and solid as a rock!
UPDATE! I'm HORNY!!! I got a 139 DB Stebel air horn!!!! Can you hear me now!!!!???
UPDATE to Ruby with the windshield fix - Clearview shield / fairing!!!:


UPDATE to Ruby II cleaning!!!!!!! Original cleaning post is below separated by a dash line entry....

Well, during a PGR mission, was lamenting about the nasty chrome at the pre-stage point and one of the guys said 0000 steel wool!!! You won't believe what it did! GORGEOUS!!!!!!!

Well after that, and I got my water bottle holder, my engine guard chaps, my new $8 Walmart wooden bead cover that I cut down... moved the Mustang seat over... she's looking right damn good!

Now I have to "fix" the windshield that got trashed and clean the paint.. you guessed it, got trashed, paint over spray on it, luckily, it was clear coat, sigh... sigh.. that's a double sigh...

Ruby is looking quite nice! You can see the chaps, I got two pockets to carry my extra gas cylinders... and of course a kickstand plate on the left side.

You can see the Walmart beaded seat cover. I learned, as you always do while doing something, that you cut them long and flay it back, and the seat will reach a natural barrier and you don't have to worry about tying them off, unless you don't like where that barrier is... GBG I tweaked the front side just a bit, but good enough...

I'd of liked black, but this is what they had and I got two covers out of $8 bucks, and that would've been 2x35 from

Those pipes just glisten!!!! I still am in complete amazement what 0000 steel wool does!!! Try it, you'll like it!!!!

Just walking around taking pics.....

She just looks great! Now on to the )(&*!$(* windshield and find a way to clean off the over spray without $&*%!$)(*%! ing the paint up! It's been just a tad bit of work! But it has been rewarding... getting there!

----------- original Ruby II cleaning story

Pics are from top to bottom, click on a pic for a larger pic, text for a pic is under the pic.

Ok, I missed Ruby... she was gorgeous.. drop dead gorgeous... Well guess what I found???!!!! GBG

Ruby II!!! I found a deal, the pic on Cycletrader looked good... I went and looked...

Click on the pic, the bike is ...... rough, looks like it got drug out of a mud puddle....

Some beauty marks.... More improved pics on down the blog...

More "beauty marks"... OK, I got 'er on the cheap, and she only has 10K miles on 'er. She's been trashed. It has been in a corrosive environment and stuff is eaten up all over 'er. I thought it was something that I could wipe off.... THBBBFF!!!!!!!!! sigh.... (that's how you spell the raspberry!)

I've spent a few hours over the last 4 daze... OK, I've taken hours of cleaning, I had to take the saddle bag rails off to clean them, I've pledged it about 3 times, CalEfornYa Gold Mothers wax about 3 times, and she's starting to come around!!!!

Well, it has stock pipes... I'm not in a rush to judgment on them, but they are eaten also, can't say I don't mind lack of noise, .... but... now I hear all the stuff I never heard before!!!

The rear end howls a bit... so I get this Mobile 1 75 - 90 full syn gear oil for the rear end... They say go out and run 'er a bit to get it warm and drain it... Now if you have a 'Nad... that damn pipe is HOT!!! and you can't get at the "stuff" very easy, )$*!*#$)#$% I got 'er done... while I was at it, I thought I saw something drop... into the oil catcher... sigh..

Anyway, I wanted to take the right side air cleaner off so I could marble the reeds... wouldn't budge.,... I got my 12" crescent and put in on the allen.... it started spinning... then it spun...

Now I've had these off before.. this is NOT good... The previous owner must've been a Harley owner, cause ALL fasteners are TIGHT!!!!!!!!! I'm talking Charles Atlas!!! Now there's a memory challenge!!! I twisted out the mounting post because the "&&%#$ thing was so tight!

I had to put that stub into a vice and do the same with the allen and12" crescent to bust the screw loose... Then I had to drive the mounting stub back in... think I might be back with epoxy later... sigh.. sigh... that's a double sigh...

Well while I was in there..... did I tell you that the bike was over filled with oil? Whoever... filled the damn thing did it on the side stand.... While the right side was coming off, oil was dripping out all over the place....

Sooooooo, geez, I figure I better take the oil filter off and try to drain some oil....The guy said he had his kid do the maintenance "a while back"... sigh... sigh... sigh....sigh... (BS!!!)

Anyway, did I say stock pipes? Gee, my wrenches don't work!!!!! !)*%%*!#)% I did manage to get the filter off.. the oil was trash... I didn't like the way it shifted anyway, so a new filter and Mobile 1 15x50 was on the menu!

The bike was so full of oil, I had to put the side drain back in and scoop out and drain a 4+ qt of oil out of a radiator fluid container, because it was about to over flow, and this was after I took the filter off! went back and finished the draining....

Did I say tight? The #*& side drain took all my "stuff" and a pair of gloves to get it busted loose! EVERYTHING on this bike is TIGHT! sigh..

Being unprepared.... I pretty much got oil everywhere... air was blue!!!!! Got 'er done!!!! And the oil in the site glass is the cleanest oil I've ever seen!

Did I say, there was a washer in the oil catcher? The left bag comes off AGAIN! This time the *!%!#% pipes are cool.and the oil is clean! OK, drain the rear end AGAIN! Got 'er done! ... oh did I say oil everywhere??????!!!!!

The results! Damn she looks nice!

Nothing prettier!

You can't see the blems...

But she's real nice!

Ok, my next moves are to move the stuff over from Goldie, the Mustang seat, etc... I should be done in a weak... GBG and be able to ride 'er on some new ventures!!!

On the Road again, just can't wait to get on the road again... GBSEG!!!!!!!!!!

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