Sunday, January 31, 2010

VROC - NorCal Annual Polar Bear - Panoche Road

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Link to Don VSP (the foggy guy! GBG) blog:

Our second attempt at our annual PBR (Polar Bear Ride), last week was terrible and we did a time out. Turned out to be a great choice! The weather was fantastic... after Don VSP got out of a fog! GBG Don and the Sacto bunch had a bit of our valley's finest tule fog to put up with. This is the stuff that causes hundred car pile ups in the valley.. nasty stuff!

Well, it started out a bit hazy at my place too.. but I only had 45 miles to the staging point, the sacto folks had about 175 and a biga mist to go thru! Plus the temps they were in were down in the low 40s. To put in perspective, my entire ride was 216 miles!
By Don VSP standards, that's a SHORT run!

It was a tad chilly here too... but it was warming up and the day was great, musta got up to 60, couldn't ask for more!

We stage at McD's in Hollister... They put in a new bypass around Hollister and it was great! I missed ALL of the town and went right to the staging point!

Don VSP finally got out of his fog! and less than 10 minutes late, not bad! When he called me at 0830, he was parked, couldn't see 100 yards and it was like riding in a cloud, very wet, and cold.

We had 11 scoots, pretty good turnout! Redbeard was handing out PBR pins for the new riders. Thanks Cap'n!

We're about to get started about 1/2 hour late but we made good time. It was clear, sunny and the grass was green and hills gorgeous, could not have been better!

Panoche Inn on duh, Panoche road! Really neat old place and it's in the absolute middle of NOWHERE! I'm talking 50 miles from anything!

Don VSP getting a smoke break.

Well, I HAD to go inside, eh? That's where the %&(@%@( rest room was!!! GBG Well, money may not grow on trees, but it does from the ceiling!!! I cut Larry off on the left.

They will do a BBQ for a group if you call them. It would be a great outing, a really really far out outing! GBG

Cheryl and Larry Lopez
Panoche Inn
29960 Panoche Rd
Paicines, Ca 95043

Give a call! Do the trip some time, Hey Skid, this is a Sandy road! you'd have some sore ribs!!!! GBG The #($%#(&#($ yellow line, where we had one and more than one lane, was worn out too! Patches had patches! Tad bit bumpy....

The picture board... I meant to rotate the &!#$%(# thing, sigh... and I went back and did!

Quaint ol' place.

More money and Larry, he was a 'Nam era Vet.

Don getting some shots in and a drink.

The view around the area, not much to see! The grass was green and it looked fantastic! How does THAT look to a snow bound northerner???!!!

The road leading in and this section is in the best shape....

When you leave, just about a mile east, make a left, if you go straight, you are in for about 10+ miles of dirt road! And NO, I ain't goin' there...

Hey! We made it, after going up I-5 90 MPH!!! Don was getting hungry!

Don getting the last out of his smoke, Mike S was on his right..

Got Kevin's face on the left and the close in were Redbeard and Bruce Bigtwin.

I tried a hold it out and shoot, but didn't net much distance, just got Kevin R.

Here is a shot from the front of the tables. We've set at this line of tables every time I've been here, 3 or 4 times... Valdez on the left has one heckofa white beard! Offering a bit of the free wine, and it's really quite good... hic....

Caught Don VSP in the act! It was ice cream and chocolate topping for desert, like any of us pork chops needed it! Great meal, huge, Tomorrow, it's 20 on the cranky machine!

BTW, my cranky machine odometer went over 75004 yesterday! 25 years of cranky'ness!!! GBG I had just finished my 100 miles for the week, took 8hr 39 min
I was currently going 0 mph!!! GBG My right 2 digits are after the decimal... on the second line up.. only 1 decimal on the bottom number..

One of the best!!! Thanks Don VSP for doin' this!!!! A beautiful day (for me) and the run was one of the best! The food... burp... damn I'm gonna hate myself in the AM on the scale... But, I'll work it out!

Great to ride with old friends! Ride safe and long!

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