Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas '09

Pics are from top to bottom, click on a pic for a larger pic, text for a pic is under the pic.

Xmas 09, and one of the best I've had for many reasons! Family!!!!!! And they are all doing fine and I'm soooooo pleased. Mike just signed papers for his first home couple days ago, 3 weeks ago Kristi graduated from UNReno and, well, it's been a great year!

That blog, where we got snowed in attending her graduation... about 60% down..

Well, Amy had to try out the fireplace and see if it still worked.... seems to be fine.

Our new kitty inkling.. and she doesn't have one, fascinated by her first fire!

Ok, tators done.. GBG (that will cost me!) Wife Donna, Casey, Amy, Kristi and I. That shirt is about 45 years old. If you could see it close, you'd go blind! I call it my finger nail shirt! It has spiralling ever smaller curved half moon shaped images and it hurts the eyes!

I've worn it for Thanksgiving and Christmas every year we've been married! The kids argue over who gets it when I kick off!

Amy giving Who Dog a great big hug! He's a lover dog! Houdini is his name, I never use it...

Our youngest Casey and wife Kristi. She's getting a tickle out of Amy and Who Dog!

Our tree! OK, Amy's tree, but she lets us look at it! Cute little tree and I like it!

Mom enjoying the fireplace... the room was dark 'til the flash went off, yeah, I got shouted at!

For completeness, a pic from Kristi's graduation, My oldest boy Mike and family. Mike with son Wyatt on lap, with wife Nisel and Samshel sitting by Wyatt. Nice looking family!

Absolutly a great Christmas! Hope all had as good in your life!

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