Monday, May 10, 2010

Mothers Day 05 '10 in Reno

Pics are from top to bottom, click on a pic to see it, then click it again to see it full size!!!! I made them larger this time and the first display won't show full size! What little text for a pic is under the pic.

Mom's Day '10 and a visit to KC's was in order! Amy had school so we got off a little late Friday, not much and got up to Boom Town about 5:30 PM.

Registered and out to KC's we went.

We took Who Dog and he talked to us most the way up...

Gettin' some rest by mom.... Amy and Who stayed at KC's, don't think the motel would like it if he stayed in our room!

The plan on Saturday was a big cook up for lunch for mom. Chicken, steak, veggies, strawberries and ice cream. Great stuff!

It was a pretty nice day and we were outside enjoying it!

KC put his old kitchen stuff in the "dog house", I can imagine a microwave, TV, keg on the right, window AC on the left... man cave time! GBG

Lady trying to get lucky....

I was surprised at Who, he got right out there and played with the others.

Even got into barking at them!

OK, I was impressed with the room... they must be hurting if they give these rooms to folks like us with discounts! Real big / thick head boards, pillow top mattresses were plush!!

That was at least a 36" flat screen, maybe larger!

The tile around the mirror was very nice. They used tables instead of cabinets for storage, kinda nice and the wood looked good.

Another shot... taking this pic was hard as I had to stand outside and focusing didn't work well....

See thru door refer...

And a safe! Comforting... I think...

Nice full length mirror....

On the way to KC's Sunday morning, Mike and family called to wish a great day and mom got to chat with all.. she was so excited she forgot to wish Nisel happy Moms day! This was kinda a papa's day too! I got to go along, eat a LOT of great food and didn't even have to clean up!!! GBG

Well, what to do on Sunday before going home... eat of course! BIG breakfast coming right up! Bacon and lots of it, waffles, eggs, cottage tators with onion and peppers, real good stuff! Amy gets the griddle...

Mom and KC yakking...

Everyone at their stations! GBG

Mom and Who Dog doing their part.

OK, it's a VROC Thing, taking pics of food... here is the finished product and it was great! My plate and I ate tooooo much!

Can't just take one pic...

I was late getting to KC!

We agreed... they did use every pot and pan and utensil!!! Well we had to do something afterward to work it off and get Who some exercise for the ride home and hopefully settle him down a bit...

A little over a mile from KC's is country! Great place for the dogs to run!

Lots of flowers blooming, they had a wet winter!

The dogs were all over and Who was right with 'um!

KC and Kristi gave mom a Snail and mom put it out by the wheel barrel she was given earlier!

It was a great week end and I'm glad all had a great time! It would have been nice if Mike and family could've been there.. someday!

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Casey said...

Nice action shots of the dogs, looks like they didnt want their picture taken most of the time. =) Glad you guys came out and had a good time. And no atrocious weather!!! The snail looks good on the porch, do you think it will keep small snails away? Like a scare-snail. Talk to you later!!!