Sunday, April 25, 2010

Buby II Trailor hitch / Flag carrier

Footnote, here it is in action a day later!!! Real fine!

Pics are from top to bottom, click on a pic for a larger pic, text for a pic is under the pic.

I like to be able to fly my 3x5 for parades, PGR funeral services, etc...

My flag before putting my trunk on. I zipped a 49C piece of heavy PVC onto my rack. Hey! It worked!!!!

This solution had a flaw that bothered me.. it was close to me and when I got in a down wind slow speed, the flag could flutter in front of me and when it did, I had to grab it and trap it behind me and the seat backrest. No biggie but nice if I could solve that problem.

Actually it had another problem that was kinda solvable with my adjustable pole, it was
real high! Caught a lot of wind.

So when I put on my trunk, the PVC had to go... ergo the need for a flag solution.

I posted a note on VROC.. (only one.... GBSEG!) and I said "Hey! I need a cheap hitch so I can mount my flag for parades, etc".

Well Joe (Chuckster1) Norris sent me an email... got to talkin' and he said "I can make you a trailer hitch, BUT ( there always is one, eh?) You can't use it for a trailer hitch!!! I said, "no problem" I don't ever intend to pull one.

BTW, he does great work and very reasonable!!! He sells and makes a lot of things and if you need something
check his web site: If you find something you like or would like an alteration, send him an email! Maybe he can help you out!

Well he has a Nomad like me and had looked into modifying the rear support bar that runs across the bike below the saddle bags. He makes hitches and was going to modify that design. Said he can make one that will have a hitch that will handle a flag. I asked how much.. while wincing... he told me and I said "build it and I'll throw in 10 bucks for lunch!". OK, so it was not a large lunch.. GBG Coming in 04/29/10!!

Here's the beauty!!!! All I have to do is remove two cap screws, remove old bar, put up new bar and two cap screws!!! And he's gonna send all the hardware... and I won't tell anyone how much because when you see it you will want one!!!
Oh, and it solves the wind drag and high problem... The flag will be low and behind the scoot and trunk, so should not be too much drag!!!

Here is the steel support bar to be removed and replaced. The two cap screws are even accessible!!! Be still my heart!

And it's just in front of my Dark Side Car Tire!!! GBG!

I put this photo here close to the stock bar so you can compare... The stock bar replaced with the receiver.

I got a hitch for my get a'long!!!! And this padding is for solid steel! Whatta job.

And here's the thing of beauty! The cross bar to replace the stock one with a receiver and the flag pole insert, pin, clip and screws! What could be simpler!

While unbolting the stock bar.... I heard this "snap" and the bags moved closer together... did I tell you I like to carry stuff in my bags and they are full? Well the right one is fullest and on the stand, it moved in a bit inward....

Out with some 2x4's and other stuff to pry them apart again... sigh.. got 'er done!!! Even added some blue locktite to the threads!

Now looky there! Got me a flag holder... I'll take pics tomorrow in the sun, but it works fine!

Side shot, the receiver will not be noticeable as it is under the fender with the flag holder removed. We discussed angle of the flag and Chuckster1 decided on 5 Deg.. we went to flag poles to go, where they sell Hide A Poles.. nice units, 6.5 ft long, collapse to 19" for storage and they work fine! Anyway, their flag units lean 15 Deg.. this looks better to me!

OK, Joe was screwin' with my mind and you shouldn't mess with small things! GBG

There were 2 screws loose in the box.. not in the envelope with the mounting screws..

I sent him an email.. waitin' to see what I missed!
Well... he said I have no idea where they came from! I guess I got a screw loose..... GBSEG!!!

Thanks for the fantastic design, work, workman ship and it fits like a glove! Perfect!

And now to see what it looks like flyin' a flag....

We have a breezy day....

Lookin' quite fine! I have a pic I'd like to add but the blog is somehow corrupted and I had to add it to the top of the blog! Great work, thanks my friend!


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