Saturday, March 20, 2010

Welcome Home and Thank You VietNam Veterans

Pics are from top to bottom, click on a pic for a larger pic, text for a pic is under the pic.

The title was , duh, the title.... GBG the intro to the event was:

Patriots of the East Bay, represented by VFW, The American Legion, Pleasanton, Antioch and Livermore Military Families, Blue Star Moms, Lafayette Flag Brigade, Warriors’ Watch Riders, the Livermore VA and many more, all of which have a heart for our Service Members and Veterans, invite Vietnam Veterans and their families to attend our - Welcome Home and Thank You VietNam Veterans

OK, it included era vets and that covered me... but I fought the battle of Charles De Gaulle in France. Remember when he kicked NATO out of France? Most of you don't! GBG + sigh, but it was in '66/'67. I left a rural tiny air base in the Alsace-Lorraine
area about 20 clicks west of Verdon.

BUT, I was invited, so after about 15 miles of crankin', I went in! Very nice crowd and event, it was large! I thank ALL that went to the effort to finally give the VietNam Vets there LONG overdue "WELCOME HOME"!!! God Bless you all and heal and move on!

So I get there... followed the map... the young lady asks why are you here, I said the 'Nam event, she said next entrance... U'e and on to the next gate, the lady asked me if I was here for the veteran event... guess my PGR banner clued 'er in, I asked where is it
... lady said, right on down the road... Saw a bunch of scoots and thought, this must be it! Not crazy about loose gravel, but I'm a whoosey...

Nice 'Vet!

'nother test for you young'uns.... do you remember dash mounted mirrors????

Some more 'Vets... guess that is more than appropriate! GBG

Gee, wonder where the event is????... GBG

The very nicely done MIA/POW 'Vet!

Here comes Audie A, one of our District 13 ALR riders to say hi!

Just shooting pics for the cause...

And here comes fiancee Cheryl!

Audie's mom and dad, he has a hard to remember name... William.. same as me!

Shot of the Huey.

Most of that is the food line! I was surprised, I got there a bit after 1400 and I was early! Jake, eat your heart out!!! EARLY!!! GBG

Shot of the cookers, Mike "The Noisy Kid" in front of me. After meeting Audie, in my wandering, Dist 13 ALR Gary R found me and said Hi! He had a table with Sandy and Mike, plus Lori and Bruce P. Of course there were many ALR folks around. Kick myself, in my hunger forgot to take pics of out table group!!!!

The MIA/POW 'Vet was pulling this scoot! The guy who rides it must be a big guy!

A better shot of the Huey.

As I was leaving, I got another shot of Audie and family. Cheryl was working with Audie on something and I think it was the Welcome Home VietNam pin that we all got.

Another shot...

It was a VERY nice event and I will wear my VietNam Welcome Home pin with Pride! Thanks to all that made this happen, it was fantastic!!!

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