Monday, March 28, 2011

Family reunion 11

Click on a pic twice to get it full size... 

This is a test blog, I wanted to try out the new Blogger format... so far... #%&*!#$)(&%*!#$%   Dad    Don't know why most of my pics are fuzzy, sorry!

Samshel and Wyatt had a great time on my air mattress!  Bouncy, you get the pic... GBG

'course Ken had to come for a visit and a Rice Krispi treat!

Mike became a kid again as he looked thru all the toys mom saved and he had not seen in a loooooong time!  Lotsa great memories!  Mom helping out.

Who Dog had to look on... 

KC having fun burying Samshel in the pillows and Wyatt trying to help out...

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