Thursday, March 29, 2012

Family Reunion '12 at KC's

The pics are top to bottom, I have the large colorized ones at home if Ya want any, KC, I"ll send Ya yours in the car.  

A GREAT trip!!!  Thanks Mike and family for coming down, and KC and family for puttin' up with us all!!!

Weather was pretty good and we escaped the Snow Gods on the way home, they tried, but Amy slid thru the mess!!!! GBG  

I was pretty loose on what I put up, and no text, we all were there and know each other!  GBG   Had a great visit with Mike and kids in San Jose while Nisel was off traveling.  Just got a call from Mike, and he's headed north with family in tow!  Safe travels!!!!  

And very sorry for some of the blurry pics... but I got what I got... sigh... And sorry I got 2 pics of mom sidwaze, forgot to twist 'um... sigh...     Dad

 Ya can't see it as well as I did, #$*%#)$*%#)*$ snow!!!! But Amy slid thru it!!!  GBG 

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