Tuesday, July 31, 2012

KC and Kristi - Carson's 1st Birthday

Pics are from top to bottom, not a lot of text, but will be under the pic, click on the pic twice to see full size...

Well, we started out with 2 accidents on 80 that shut it down.  This was the 2cd and we sat for a while.  Think the entire trip took an extra 2 hours.  Worse than the snow storms... sigh...  If Ya blow the pic up, there are cars on the second hill and well on down the road...

Folks were having fun exploring, and we had plenty of time.

Well we made it and went out for a visit and got the plans for Sat at the park.  And here's Carson!  Cute kid!

Everyone was having  a good time and KC was working away!  Got there early and put the chili pot on.

Carson was helping Dan with whatever that thing is.

Chuck was pushing Mom in, she twisted her knee earlier..  sorry for Ya!!!

KC's friends visiting..

Tina getting some help with the prep from Kristin.

Turns out, KC's company party is going on right next to us.

Carson was eating watermelon like it was going out of style!  Ate a bunch!


Looks like Tina is helping Carson up to check the chili out!

Stirrin' the pot...

Carson enjoying his new "ride"!!!  GBG

Chuck had a special prep request and KC was happy to stand aside.

Carson was having fun with Dan's  hat and glasses... 

Grandmaw's having fun!

1st birthday  and first date!  They're both on the move!  GBG

The white cake was a banana cake and delicious!  Had two pieces with some sliced pineapple

Ok, so serve it, already!!!

About time!!!!!!!!!!

Good stuff!!!! 

The hat didn't want to stay on .. just got a pic...

We got BOOTIE!!!    

Great day, we had a nice shade and could've not asked for better!  Great visit with all and we found a new great motel, Nugget!!!  Like the place!!!  'til next time...  Dad


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