Tuesday, April 21, 2009

FCRC - 08 All Chapter Ride in Isleton

Pics are from top to bottom, click on a pic for a larger pic.

If anyone wants a source pic, just count from top to bottom, 1 to ... and send a note to williamsnod@gmail.com and tell me what size and resolution. 300 dpi for a hardcopy pic and size or 72 dpi for viewing and size. Of course, you can save the ones you see yourself....

It was a great day and the food was excellent! Drifter! Thank you for setting this up! It was a nice tribute that folks all voted you #1 man!!! GBG

Diceman, nice to see you again, along with a lot of others! Doc...who was that Evil dude???!!!

I'll be typing to Dallas and transferring to Chapter 9 as 31.... went away, sigh.

What little text will be under the pic... Thanks again and until next time!

Now, who WAS that lady that said she could hurt me???!!! GBSEG Cranky

My sweet Goldie second from right...

Bikes everywhere, didn't count,did anyone else? 75 or more?

We even had some Ski Do's show up, in the back.

Sittin' and a' grinnin'!

Dallas on left, Drifter and Diceman...

The organized picture was not working... so I shot a couple of my own...

Just a great day!

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