Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Goldie's Clutch Basket Case

Click on a pic for a larger pic, text for a pic is under the pic..

Before my first ride, I sprayed out the throttle bodies with carb cleaner and put some seafoam in the tank. My intent was to "blow 'er out" a bit, GBG

So I got this bike while in recovery mode, once I gave 'er a test, it didn't take much to know it was driving like a automatic shift, after a while it would lock up, sigh.

I had a new spring and washer so took it down to the local wrench, a good guy and of course he said if it was slipping that bad it would take a new basket also...

Here is my spring, click on it..... I have a few more miles before I was standing by the road!! GBG

My basket, them disks were shiny and not too thin.... Test drove it after the job and the clutch still slips, so now I go back and find out what is wrong that burned the old clutch up, sigh....

The symptoms are the same after the new spring and clutch basket..

- When I first rode it, I had to pull the clutch clear to the handlebar to disengage the clutch

- It engaged slowly and took much of the clutch handle movement to engage.

- As it got warm, the engagement moved out a bit and then it would not completely engage even when clear out, it slipped badly when I wanted to pick up speed quickly...

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