Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Progressive Shock Balance Kit - Failure

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OK I ordered a Progressive Shock Balance Kit and a shock pump from Crusier Customizing. Well, the damn thing leaked. I !)$*%!#*$)%'d and they sent me another one... Yup, it leaked too!!!

Look at the soap bubbles where the schrader valve screws into the aluminum housing, that in turn screws onto the shock air schrader valve.

Air bubbles, all around the schrader valve where it screws into the housing...

Here I'm holding the part upside down that you attach your pump to and the housing screws onto one of your air shocks, the exit port goes to a small tube over to the other shock and it does NOT have a schrader valve, just a small connection for the crossover hose.

The idea is for there to be one air system and pressure the same in both. When you do this you remove the schrader valve cores from the two shocks.

There are O rings that seal the schrader valves. For this housing, the two schrader valves pinch the O ring to seal the schrader valve ends

Now here's the problem, the part housing as you see it is upside down, the threads showing screw onto one of your shocks, it seals to the O ring, the schrader fill valve that is on top seals to the shrader valve on the other side.

Notice the O ring is below the crossover port! The crossover port is exposed to the unsealed threads of the pump schrader valve!!!

Now you ask how does air get to the port to the other side? They made a port in the side of the schrader valve I'm holding on to, the part you attach your pump to....

Here is the problem! The crossover port is ABOVE the O ring, and it is exposed to the threads of the pump schrader valve and those threads are NOT sealed!!! The O ring is on the wrong side!!!

This cannot work!

I tried to write it up on the installation sheet, but it came out very poorly. This drawing shows a different part perspective than what I took a picture of! My actual part is much bigger.

This pic shows the O ring above the crossover port, the actual part is opposite, the crossover port is NOT sealed! #*&$%!$*&%!)($%!*)$

Click on this pic, scroll down and you can see the different perspective.

OK, now I'm really gettin' )*#$!%_#!%*issed... I started the pump scrader valve into the aluminum housing about 3 threads to get the "port" into the housing so I wouldn't mess it up, and I covered the threads with liquid nails, it's what I had and figured that would seal the threads...

Tried it again... Nope!!! !#(%&#(% The instructions said to make contact with the O ring and then a little bit more and it was good... !)%*!)%*!#* I wrenched it down!!! AND IT WORKS!!!!!!!!

OK, if you get one of these and have the problem, you've been warned!!! Piecea CRAP!!!!! JM2C

Back on the phone again Monday!!!!!!! To tell 'um they got trash and expect a lot of complaints!!!

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