Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Goldie - Grasshopper LTD Backrest

Pics are from top to bottom, click on a pic for a larger pic, text for a pic is under the pic!!!

So I like a backrest, the one on the back pivots forward, but it pushes too far forward, and IMHO, is totally worthless for the driver. It does fine where it is.. so there it stays...

So I saw a post on VROC for Grasshopper LTD backrest http://www.grasshopperlimited.com/ and I clicked on Kawasaki and it looked real nice, the best mounting I've seen.

Nothing stock fits me, just doesn't happen.... so I sent Lonnie a note asking him if there was any adjustment as all folks are different, and I wanted to add beadrider.com beads to the back rest as it causes monkey back!! GBG Yup, I sweat there too...

He said the foam would compress a bit and the back is a bit springy... thought I'd go for it!!!

I told him the beads were 1/2" in size, so he said "I'll take 1/2" of foam out, sounded good to me! Weeellllllll, it did seem to push me a bit more forward than I liked so I got to looking at it for "adjustment" opportunities.

Here is the receiver if you look close between the front and rear seats, I tried to make it cause me a problem, but could not detect that it was there, nice design, real clean, all the other add ons look, well, just like add ons.

The backrest installed..... with beads, the beads added back the 1/2" Lonnie removed in foam for a basic fit.

So I looked at the profile.... it was sticking out a bit...

If you look close, there is a gap from the end of the receiver to the up bend of the backrest, an "adjustment" opportunity!!! GBG

The backrest part that fits into the receiver was longer than needed and the end was bottoming on the seat bracket at the wide part at the top....

So I marked the tang on the backrest with a hacksaw, took the receiver out and marked it where it bottomed out and lo and behold, a 1/2" "adjustment" opportunity!!!

So I cut a bit more than 1/2" off as I wanted it to bottom out on the receiver... BTW, if you wanted more adjustment, you could slice off the receiver as much as you wanted, but at some point you would start compressing the rear seat....

The new mounting, as you can see, when I lean back, the backrest will slide a tad further into the reciever, it feels real good!

All done' and mounted! Ready to ride!

Like I said this is the cleanest after market I've seen and the easiest to install! The receiver has two ;mounting holes, must be for a universal part for something else, but after mounting it to the top hole and couldn't get the front seat in, Ol' duffass mounted the receiver with the bottom hole which forces the receiver up into the rear seat a tad....

Have a "Little Dragon" ride on the 19th should be over 400 miles and after sitting around since my "get off", it will be a good test!

For $105 to my door, think this is a real fine solution for anyone looking for a backres!! JM2C

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