Tuesday, April 21, 2009

PTA - Christine came to town! Nice time!!!

Pics are from top to bottom, as if it mattered!! GBG Click on a pic for a larger pic, ain't gonna be much text, but it would be under the pic!

Great to see Christine! LOOKING GOOD!!!!!!! Good on Ya!!! Retire, and kick back! Hope to see you next year for the Garlic Festival!

I lent her my vest, I just got back from a PGR ride... luckily, I take my camera to PGR rides so I could take some pics... Jimmy and Christine...

Ted on the end, it was after 4 and he was trying to remember who's turn it was!! GBG

That's Steve with his finger in his nose, George, Tom, and Frank for those that don't know... it's been a while... sigh..

Jim and Steve......

Christine and the Cranky Dude!!! GBG

Steve, George and Tom...

Christine wanted a pic of the back patch... Damn nice visit!!! I missed seeing her when in Tucson on a VROC ride, she had the "miseries", but now in great shape!! See you next year at the Garlic Festival!!

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