Tuesday, April 21, 2009

FCRC - State Ride In Rio Vista, Ca 09 08 07

Pics are from top to bottom, text for a pic is under the pic, click on a pic for a larger pic!

Great day for a ride!!! The delta was at it's best! So a ride to Rio Vista? A given!

The Point is... well it was.. and it is a great place. Service, food, the patio view, fantastic!!!

Had to go a few miles to get there, but less than the last years ride and in a great place.
The Google maps and Rio Vista are at odds in some places, I've learned that Google Maps ... well sometimes vary from fact.

So I get there thinking I'm late... I met a couple others and a few more were inside, but the rest were.... not there... they must be lost in the delta.. delta dawn, where have you.... GBG

Great view of the area...

So Diceman arrived with his group...? Tales of barges and ferry's were told!!!

OK, so they finally arrived!! But we waited for them...... har... GBG

View from the deck, great and the weather couldn't have been better.

Tried to get the most of the room, but it was quite a group!

Thanks FCRC for a great get together!!! Nice ride, nice place, super food and great folks!!!! Cranky

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