Tuesday, April 21, 2009

FCRC BTK Mt Tam ride 04 29 07

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I just have to say the road to, up and down Mt Tam was one crooked road!!! And it's easy to see that our taxpayer dollars were not wasted on the road!!! GBG

The road from Pt Reyes back to Petaluma was almost as bad, drug my floorboards 3 times due to bumps in the middle of sharp curves.

But as we got closer to Petaluma the roads / weather got much better / warmer. The rest stayed to visit the Farmers Mkt in Petaluma to shop, and I headed out to 37 - 80 - 780 - 680 home.

I didn't keep exact track of my miles, but I believe it was right on 300. It seems like everywhere I go, I have to ride 75 miles to start the ride!!! I get to have more fun!! GBG

Thanks to the BTKMC - Blacktop Knights Motorcycle Club for inviting FCRC - Freedom Cruisers Riding Club to the ride!!! Very much appreciated it.

I got to go places fan see things I otherwise never would have. But I do swear that John got us lost heading to Mt Tam, he took us on a goat path thru a neighborhood that was just amazing!!! GBG

A natural food store and gift shop across the street from the bar.

The Western Bar in Pt Reyes.

Folks getting ready to saddle up.

A shot of the bikes before we head down towards Pt Reyes.

There's a bldg on top, John was talking about the last time he walked up to it, I said "no thanks!!!"

Another fog shot...

A shot from the top of Mt Tamalpais, I"ll spell it once, and I had to Google it to get the spelling!! GBG

As you can see we're a ways up, you can see homes blow the fog. The google link said it was 2571 ' tall, but from the turns and twists we went thru, I swear it was twice that!! That road was make for crazy motorcycle riders!!! Not a straight stretch anywhere!!!

Ruth, John and Joe....

Our first stop, the Marin Headlands at what used to be Ft Baker, I think.

A shot of the bikes out front as we get ready to ride.

A pic of our table, sorry for the bit of blur. John was on the left, Colm was next, and English couple, forgot the names and a back shot of Joe, I hope I got his name right, I remembered it yesterday, the mind.... and that gets better with age.... sigh

Another of the rest of the bar. It was a real pretty place, as I love the older places.

Our table was the second one back.

We were headed to BUENA VISTA CAFE for breakfasts. It was really good!!! Even if I did eat Joe's bacon and eggs. When the waitress brought mine, she kinda frowned, but I said "hey!! you set his in front of me and I thought it was a mistake and just ate it!!!" So Joe got to try scrambled eggs!! GBG

The first pic is of the bar, it's a really a nice old one!!!

Well, I got these ol' bones moving at 7 and made it to Hercules. Weather got worse the norther I went. Hercules was in the middle of the fog trough, but the further we rode, the better it got as the day went on.

John (GoldWinRider) told me about the Bay Bridge collapse, luckily, it did not effect our direction. God help them poor folks that have to get thru that for the next few months.

Good friend sent me 2 pics takes as he passed thru there Sunday. We could see it as we went by on to SF.

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