Tuesday, April 21, 2009

On the Road Again - Really!!! Ruby Damage

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Well, they say it can happen... and it did. I wiped out on the way back from a PGR mission.

But before I digress, and tell a story, GBG, a little seriousness... When I got on powered two wheels, I knew it would be dangerous! Anyone that thinks not... well read on and I'll have another blog about my welcome home and five pics about "collateral" damage, ie: I got the !!)*$%!$*) beat out of me!!!

I ain't the first, wish I was the last, but don't think so, God Bless All that ride, May He be with you!

BUT, for what happened, I've been truly blessed! No casts, a sling and a boot... the rest works, tho complains a bit if not done with forethought!

I'll join the "I don't understand what happened" group, one second headed to 680 on Berryessa, and in less than 2 seconds, I was laying in the middle of 680. I looked to my left and saw dots bots and said "!*%)#%*#)$%!)#*$", cause I knew where I was laying, turned out fine and I have the utmost admiration for the EMT folks!! Hats off!!

I believe it was a lot of things, and I'll blame the road also, I was fine and "something" grabbed my front end and a sharp left was taken, thru some "stuff", I haven't been back to see, not up to it, but my family and friends saw the tracks...

Bottom line.... one vehicle accident, my fault! No reason for it, mental lapse? Distraction? I think there were many things, but again God Blessed me, and I want to thank my friends too!!

To all that wished me best wishers and Prayers, thank you, they were answered, to those that didn't post but thought them, as I do at times, thank you!!!

Since being introduced to VROC, which led to PGR and ALR, I have met an extremely loving and caring family!

After the accident, I told Donna, my wife, no more... But as the cards and letters came in... the calls.... the visits... I have experienced one of the most awestruck outpouring of love and caring...
I asked Donna, how can I walk away from that??!!! She said, to her credit, I don't think you should!

By God, I ain't!!!!!!! I'll be BBBBBAAAAAAAAACCCCCKKKKKKKKKK!! GBG Rant off!!!!!!!

There will be a series of pics, they speak for themselves, I'll add some thoughts, but mostly pics...

My guess is she's totaled as the stuff to make 'er beautiful again would be many dollars, I hope not, but got the call from Progressive that the agent was gonna check the bike out today!!

My new fairing......... been working on it for months, one ride, sigh. I think that was one of the factors as it changed my viewing, is is a visual obstacle, and I got a light smoke shield, and it was dark out.... think I shot my self in the left foot, think it shoulda been clear..!!! JM2C Maybe if I had some miles on it....

Think I was hugging the tank for a bit, If you look at the headlight, fairing and the top of the carrier being cleared of flags, think I was upside down at least once...

Note flags cleared and the Givi rack is bent, think we had a rough ride... know I did! It was short but I knew that I was getting the !#$)%!_+#) beat out of me!!!

Right exhaust pipe bent in... If she comes from the ashes, V+H Dual Baggers!!! I always believe something good comes out of everything!! GBG A new sound!!!!

THE GEAR!!!!!!!!!

Well, my wallet saved my ass!! I don't carry keys any more, just a house key in my wallet.... notice a similarity? Course the chaps didn't cover my ass, but my blue jeans and wallet did!!! Thought you'd get a giggle outta that one!!

Wife and boy said, guess you need a new wallet... I said that thing is over 40 years old and now is a historic monument!!! GBSEG

The helmet saved my life, and full face saved me much pain.

The Chaps did pretty good, the left knee was eaten clear thru, I had levi's on underneath, would NOT want to think about shorts and sneakers here!!!

The First Gear Tex Mesh jacket did fine, the banging was the damage, no rash above waist. My cheap boots were comfortable, but cheap, I'll fix that one! The next blog will show why...

Like I said, I've been blessed!!! I've always said, I'll take luck over skill any time!!! Only thing is, they're are two kinds!!! But I still of the glass is 1/2 full crowd!!!

Do you know the Way to San Jose????!!!! GBG On the Road again, just can't wait to get on the Road again, it's been a long time since I've been with my friends and can't wait to get on the road again!!

I really don't think you can get it out of your blood as long as you can safely ride!!! JM2C

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