Tuesday, April 21, 2009

On the Road Again - Really!!! Cranky Damage

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Soooooo, I smacked up Ruby, stars, eye of neut, who knows, lotsa things, but it happened...

Collapsed left lung, something got in my belly under the jacket and caused me to loose 8" of small intestine, Left shoulder has a couple breaks, left foot has one, left knee has about a 1/2" gap in the skin that covers the cap, bunch of staples holding it together waiting for all to grow back.

And I really believe that I've been Blessed!!! A week+ later, am on the uptic!!! This happened after a PGR mission.... Those folks, without my knowing of course, arranged with Donna to do an escort home from the hospital!

These are some of the most loving and caring folks in the world! VROC, PGR, ALR, the salt of the earth!!

I started with the idea of never riding again, but as time passed and the notes, calls and visits, it became real clear to me that my family on 2 wheels is what life's about! It means so much to me that I just can't walk away. Truly a family, and very loving one it is!

For all that offered prayers and good wishes, THANK YOU!! They were answered!!!

On with the tale!!! It started at the hospital, took forever to get out of there, sigh and I was chomping at the bit to get out!!! 7 days in one of them is mind numbingly boring!!!

Outside, wife called someone, I said who??? She mumbled something about the noisy guys... still scratching my head as she drove a bit, then I saw them!!!!!!!!!! A beautiful line of noisy bikes, Flags flying high!!!!!!!

It hit me in the gut, broke me up, that they would ride for me.... I ride for all, but to be in that procession of flags and bikes brought tears to my eyes! I asked my wife Donna, How can I walk away from this? This is family!!! She said, I don't think you should, and by golly, I ain't!!! GBG

Pulling into the driveway....

Those noisy things arriving!!! GBG

After struggling out of the car, the folks came around...

I very tearfully gave them my heartfelt THANKS for being the family they all are!!!

My son was taking the pics... we must've had close to 20 folks there. Afterwards the riders headed to Oakland to welcome home another hero!!

I chatted as long as I could, standing on broken and bruised legs gets thin REAL fast.


(Later update....  When I left the hospital, I also had a shattered right knee, lower leg was 1/3 blown out on the outside.  Nobody caught it, went back in for a checkup about 3 weeks later, told the Doc, my right knee hurts!   Xrays... later visit Doc, and he has a knee specialist with him, and a pic of my right knee.... blown to crap!    All the Doc could do is shake his head and say, "I just can't believe it:.....

They said they don't normally fix this... I thought about it and said, I need my legs, let's fix it.

Went back in to the hospital about a week later, now almost 4 weeks since the accident, and waited until 1700 and the Doc comes up to me in pre-op and says "you can go home now"!!!

Let me set the stage...  Wife left me, took everything after check-in and went off to the USO.  I didn't know the number and wouldn't have done me any good.  So I was laying there with a bib on, no wallet, no clothes, nada....   I barked a few "directives" and I got home in plastic booties, pair of shorts, and a short bath robe....  via a paid for cab  This is Feb / Mar time frame... ;;#%(#%$;;

Well, I got back in in a week, now 5 weeks after the accident, got a plate and all fixed up this time.  Long story short, they discharged me with 2 broken lets and shoulder, with a boot on the left foot and a cane for the right one... And got to go thru 2 broken right knee healings.... sigh

I might as well throw in another tidbit...  when I woke after ER, everything broke but my right arm....  where do you think they stuck the IV???!!  Yup, the crook of my right arm elbow, right where I could not bend it...  sigh)

The left side took the hit... left foot, just around the ankle is where the break is... As I said on the other thread, My cheap boots looked fine, worked like crap! I'll fix that one!! You can see the crack across the top of the knee.. (Yes, the right knee was broke too, didn't look like it...)

This is the only road rash I had, the top of the knee is where he crack and staples are, it seems to be growing back together fine... There was talk about someday having to go in and get the staples, guess they'll have to catch me!!! GBG

The hole in the left side is where "something" went in and grabbed some small intestine... The slice down the front was their "operating" area. I have MANY staples of life!!! The yellow patch under my arm is where the plug was to re inflate my left lung.

Hey Sherm!!!!!! Look familiar??????!!!!!!!!! This will take a while to go away... it's the break in the shoulder blade is what hurts, twisting is a !#)!%#*$)!)*#. The socket has a crack too, but I told the docs, no operations, and only if and when the major damage is repaired.

Having a broken bone is one thing, when your left arm, left leg, right leg are banged up, you need to get back to normal operation before you get knitpicky!!! The shoulder doc said the shoulder might get arthritic, I said at my age, I'll take my chances!! The leg should heal fine, as the rest!

The Crap they put on you in the hospital stinks, I had to get it off. Sittin' on the pot, wife and I did a best effort bath, back in the old days, think they were called whore baths...

It toook 1 and 1/2 hour to do this!!!!!!!! Geez.........

So here I sit in my "throne"!!! It's painfully slow, but better days are coming, and I hope to hear from Progressive soon! On the Road Again.... just can't wait to get on the road again... GBG

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